WKBW-TV Buffalo, NY

Humbled & delighted to be inducted into the Buffalo Broadcating Hall of Fame in September 2017
Since 1983 I have been working at WKBW-TV in various capacities including: Feature reporter, Chief Meteorologist, Morning Show co-anchor and kid's show host on the popular Rocketship 7.
I have had my hair done with John Candy, sung like Robert Goulet to Robert Goulet and put together hundreds of feature pieces about Western New York's fascinating people and places spanning three decades. You can find some of my work on You Tube click here

I have the AMS Seal of Approval and the NWA Seal of Approval and have won a number of awards for my feature stories. As a meteorologist I have covered blizzards & floods and as a feature reporter I've reported on Woodstock '94, Political Conventions, and dozens of local ghost stories.

Voted Buffalo's Favorite Weathercaster 2015 in the www.weatherist.com poll.

 "He has replaced two Channel 7 legends – feature reporter Don Polec and weatherman Tom Jolls – and has become one in the process."   Alan Pergament |Buffalo News 2013
  1. John Candy
    We got our hair done
  2. Red Skelton
    I got his autograph
  3. Robert Goulet
    I sang to him
  4. News Rap
    I wrote it & produced it
  5. Rock 'N Roll Randall
    I made a record
  6. Pig Man
    Local Ghost Story
  7. Orangutan Bath
    Happens once a year
  8. Missing Makaw
    Bird Got Loose
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